About Eagle U

What you’ll experience at Eagle U are proven ideas, techniques and systems that, when followed, will help you move more rapidly through your education and skip the entire 7 year trial and error process to find a career and a job that fits you. It’s common sense and easy to follow. More importantly, the seminars are energetic, upbeat, and fun! Eagle U believes you learn more when you’re laughing and having a good time.

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Faculty & Staff

Steven J. Anderson

Maria Granados

Matt Granados

Pam Peterson

Jeffrey B. Anderson

Past Guest Faculty

Koran Bolden

Travis Brown

Brittany Darrington

Alicia Dupree

Debra Goldstein

James Malinchak

Tracie L. Miller-Nobles

Holly Ransom

Lizzie Velasquez

Logan Weber

Jaleigh White

Ron White

Pinhas Adar

Larry Gelwix

John O’Leary

Rob ‘Waldo’ Waldman

Dave Weber


Dr. Wayne & Sue Mortenson

Smiles for Life

Project 88

Boomer Consulting

Texas Roadhouse


Jamie L. Sledd, DDS

Gary Huntoon