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Adam B.
Step Outside Your Comfort Zone!

Nile D.
Access Top Mentors!

Ashlin A.
Achieve Any Goal You Want!

Ryan E.
Take On New Experiences!

Abby A.
Remember Anything Anywhere!

Bryan F.
Become A Master Communicator!

Taylor S.
Ace Any Interview!

Erin L.
Get Any Job Without A Resume!

Matt D.
Build A Positive Mindset!

Jaime B.
Get The Career You Want Now!

Skye H.
Get What You Want

Dylan V.
Master Your Time

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“The insight I gained from Eagle U was motivating, it made me want to be successful and made me want to do things that other kids my age aren’t doing, it made me want to take charge of my life, and make an impact on someone, if that was through an interview, part time job, as a student, or through a professor.”

Cailynn Glisson College, Kentucky

“I have definitely already seen changes and have already begun applying what I learned. I am beginning to apply my skills into applying for college swimming, school, meeting mentors, and everyday life and by doing so, I am getting so much more out of life than I could imagine even though I’m only 16. I’ve began making my brag book to send to colleges which will put me above the other 10,000 swimmers applying for college.”

Ethan Kramer High School, Kentucky

“Eagle U taught me that anyone can set a goal, but they will never reach the finish line without setting the smaller goals that build up and lead to the ultimate goal. Before Eagle U, I could only see the overwhelming mountain I had to climb – I never saw the individual steps, or the experienced guides, paths and ropes that would help me get to the top. But the most important lesson I learned, and will carry with me forever, is the fact that I am always a 10 and it suuuurrrrre feels good! There is something amazing that happens in the short week at Eagle U, a kind of magic.”

Timmy Conlin High School, Minnesota

“Winning the title of Miss Colorado Teen USA 2009 opened many doors for me, but the best door that it opened was the opportunity to attend Eagle U. The skills I learned at Eagle U have been the biggest contributors to my success and I will forever be grateful.”

Taylor Schettler College, Kansas

“My biggest advantage as a competitor/contestant is that I had mental training at Eagle University before any interview or modeling training. I attended Eagle U in 2008 and loved it so much I attended twice more in 2009. Eagle University has taught me numerous beneficial tactics that I still use on a daily basis. I learned to appreciate myself and others, work well with all different personality types through the DISC program, control nerves and negative thoughts, time management skills, and always getting the answer I want from the people I want! I would encourage anyone and everyone to attend Eagle University as this truly is a life changing program!”

Brittany Guidry College, Louisiana

“It was exciting and encouraging to meet so many kids thinking about their futures so early in life. I’m certain I met more than a few future leaders at Eagle U and it was an honor to help them in any way.”

Matt Washer, Vice President Lee & Mason

“The Eagle U experience has become so dear to me as I have observed many teens experience break- through moments, boosted confidence, changes in demeanor, and find a new sense of focus and direction in their lives. What has awed me, even more, is their continual growth as they have taken these concepts to heart; this is not a program that provides temporary motivation or short term fixes. I am excited to watch these Eagles build upon this foundation and find hope and joy in watching them grow to be the successful leaders of tomorrow.”

Jen Mortenson Sister/Sponsor of Eagle U Students

“Eagle University was a life-changing experience for our Little Brothers and Sisters in attendance. All are from low-income families, but eager to learn and all with great potential. Half the challenge is convincing these young people that they are deserving of these opportunities and that they have the potential to succeed. Their Big Brothers and Big Sisters are constantly reinforcing this message, but partnering with Eagle University gave them an opportunity to take off their training wheels and show their leadership skills. THANK YOU!!”

Jeri Swinton Eagle U Mentor – CEO at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kentuckiana

“My time at Eagle U was the best experience of my life. I have previously attended other summer camps, but nothing compares to this amazing experience. I laminated the TOP 20 plan actions and I have them in my room in order for me to see them everyday. Thank you for everything you and the others did and are doing for us.”

Lesbia Alum

“After attending Eagle U this past summer I learned to write my goals down and post them EVERYWHERE! I carry them with me, have them saved on my phone, and even written on my mirror, so that I look at my goals every single day and tell myself what I am striving to accomplish.”

Anna Grace Alum

“When starting Project 88 Foundation, my biggest fear was that our Project 88 students would go to our sponsored summer camps, have an awesome time, and then go back to their former lives—unchanged. That is why when Project 88 was looking to invest in an experience for our students—our first requirement was that it HAD TO BE TRANSFORMATIONAL! There are so many summer camps that prepare students academically, prepare students for college, and prepare students for leadership—but all success requires a deep-rooted belief in oneself—and Eagle U understands this. The feedback from our students was first and foremost that Eagle U has forever changed them. That alone was the goal of our investment, but our students went on to elaborate how the workshops, speakers, and round tables opened their eyes to the possibilities in their future! It is a big responsibility to choose an experience that will benefit our students—especially with money that we raised on behalf of our community! However Eagle U makes this responsibility easy, because we know that our scholarships to Eagle U translate to changes lives, changed futures, and changed communities! “

Ericka and Garrett Graham Founders of Project 88 Foundation

“Two generous and thoughtful community members, Sue and Wayne Mortenson, have had a long-standing relationship with School Choice Scholarships. They saw the incredible potential our partnership with EagleU could provide to low-income families and offered to give our students a tremendous discount. While attending sessions at EagleU our students are able to create genuine connections with successful scholars and mentors, market themselves in a professional manor and remain focused in order to build the right path to their future. We have heard glowing remarks from students who have critically thought about their career paths in a new way and from parents who have seen a new self-confidence in their children. Our students are excited to go back, year after year! “

Meredith McCann Sr. Director, Grants and Outreach School Choice Scholarships

“I want to be a great leader, but that won’t just happen to me. I have to work hard and plan and get myself there. I think “great leaders are created” is an accurate summary of all the principles taught at Eagle U. We all have the ability to become great leaders, we just have to make the choice and put in the effort.”

Emma Team Leader

“It’s a transformative experience for me every year-and it always gets better. I have noticed that attending Eagle U as a coach not only makes me more motivated to succeed and be the best role model I can be- but it is indescribably fulfilling and enriching to have the opportunity to see the great effect Eagle U has on these students…and to know that I am a part of that. “

Erin Team Leader

“Mentoring is a concept that everybody thinks is great, but most people don’t do because they are afraid to ask someone for help. I have had the privilege of speaking to some incredibly successful businessmen because I went out of my comfort zone and asked them for help.”

Mason Team Leader

“When I came to Eagle U I was taught to have my goals on me at all times and read over them on a daily basis. I have done that and I can see how my everyday conversation changed to be inclusive of my goals and it allows others (and especially myself) to see what I REALLY want in life. I was asked just the other day by one of my mentors what I wanted to do with my life and I was able to pull out my goals and read them off verbatim. This was impressive to someone who does the same thing and looks for others to do the same. Carrying your goals on you at all times and reading them regularly puts into your mind what you would normally put off and shove to the side. IT WORKS!”

Brent Alum

“I am desperately looking forward to expanding my flock. Having a group of Eagles behind you, is such a motivating tool that has helped me continue everything I’ve learned at Eagle U.”

Matt Alum

“I’ve been eager to send all four of my children to Eagle U since before they were even born. Every child and young adult should have the opportunity to attend Eagle U. It is an experience that will help them to become the best possible version of themselves. The leadership, mentors, and speakers are all the best of the best, and they provided my daughter with an exceptional opportunity for growth that has made her a better person, student, and future professional. She looks forward to attending this fantastic program every year.”

Dr. Jim Arnold Parent

“We were excited for our kids to attend Eagle U, but the experience even exceeded our expectations. Not only were they fortunate to be inspired by world-class speakers and leaders, but they each came home to their individual lives equipped with practical tools, a reinforced sense of their own individual potential, and reenergized and focused about their personal responsibilities to surround themselves with like-minded peers, to seek out mentors, and to be pro-active in creating the futures they desire. Eagle U reinforces the parenting messages that you hope you have instilled in your kids in a high-energy, engaging environment. We believe this opportunity will have been be a pivotal experience for each of our kids and are very grateful they had the chance to attend. Eagle U is a 10!”

Leigh and Kelly Larson Parents

“Eagle U was refreshing! Not only was the program itself very well organized, but the students were a great representation of the next generation. As a society, we give so much attention to making sure our young people are prepared for their next steps in life, but this preparation is primarily focused on technical and intellectual skills; Eagle U is taking the time to prepare them interpersonally, which is a vital necessity to their long-term success, both personally and professionally!”

Mindy Stayton Eagle U Mentor – Accounting Director at Texas Roadhouse

“Eagle U was a terrific experience for me as a mentor. I anticipated that I would share my knowledge, background and expertise, but I did not anticipate how much I would learn from these rising leaders. I was encouraged by their energy and passion, and was impressed with the thoughtful, considerate and challenging questions asked of me. I’ve thought about the event many times since participating – the true sign of a powerful experience. The future is in good hands.”

Cheryl Penava Eagle U Mentor, VP of Learning & Development at Mortenson Dental Partners