I Want to Sponsor a Student

Do you want to help a high school or college student unlock the secrets to success including…

  • Formulas for studying less and getting better grades.
  • Secrets to beating out the competition for the best scholarships and jobs.
  • The proven way to make the 3 biggest career decisions – and why most make them totally backwards and end up far from where they want to be.
  • How to be a powerful communicator in person, in writing and on stage.
  • How to get the Best jobs with NO resume!
  • How to answer the toughest interview questions.
  • How to find quality mentors and copy their genius in order to succeed in life.
  • …And much, much more.

Our amazing faculty of distinguished mentors donate their time and resources to share the best of what they are doing so the students can “copy genius.”

Every student that attends Eagle “U” comes through a scholarship or sponsorship. That sponsor might even be his or her own parent or relative or simply someone who wants to make an impact in their life.

High school and college age students will come from all over the country for a week of fun and intensive learning that will give them the decided advantage over their peers and a jump-start on their careers.

If you have a young person close to you or know someone who could benefit, don’t miss out on this opportunity to have him or her experience this life-changing event.

You can help a future generation of “Eagles” by participating in one of the following ways:

  • A. Enroll your own high school or college age student to attend.
  • B. Sponsor a student from your community.
  • C. Donate a full scholarship for a deserving student who is already seeking the means to attend.


Click here to get started on a sponsorship today!